I am a 25-year old artist from Mount Prospect, IL making & selling paintings out of Grand Rapids, MI. I moved here in March of 2022 to set up a new studio space and continue my business for a variety of clients here in Michigan, Chicagoland, and across the country. In between commissioned projects I am rebuilding my personal portfolio, which has been under construction since I finished my grad program in May of 2021. These latest works are different from the collage paintings I was making back in school and instead may be described as some sort of pop-surrealist, neo-symbolist hybrid that frequently references art history and classical realism.


My mission is to revamp and re-elevate Painting’s status as a contemporary artistic medium. In a world consumed by clicks, screens, and the chaos of modernity, I believe authentic paintings are more significant now than ever. I am fascinated by looking at art from the past and reestablishing the conventions of painting to create artwork that is better suited for today's world. A lot of contemporary "art" can be confusing and off-putting, so it is my goal to create paintings that are approachable, powerful, masterfully executed, and sometimes even funny.


If you explore my site you will notice that I paint in a range of styles, and I enjoy the challenge of adopting new techniques to do my commissioned work. I paint portraits, landscapes, pop art, cars, really whatever strange request you may have in mind. If you’d like to contact me, DM me on Instagram @jacksonwrede or send me a message through the bottom of my home page. And if you'd like to see what I find inspiring as a painter, feel free to check out my finsta @MakePaintingCoolAgain! 


I got my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting at Notre Dame in 2018 (Go Irish!) and my Masters in Painting from the Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI last year.